Blac Chyna on the Importance of Manicures, Moisturizer, and Me-Time

Meeting Blac Chyna makes me acutely aware of my chipped nail polish.

The model slash entrepreneur slash mother is an extraordinarily shiny creature. From her Swarovski-encrusted nails to her glimmery collarbones, every square inch of Blac Chyna, born Angela White, has been touched by some sort of beauty sorcery. As is often the case with very famous people, she looks more striking in the flesh than on camera, which she hears often.

“I’m like, do I take that as a compliment?” she wonders out loud. “Thanks, I suppose.”

Chyna and I are sitting at the Palomar Hotel in Los Angeles. Her 10-month-old daughter, Dream (Gucci-cased iPhone in tiny hand), whose father is Rob Kardashian, balances on her lap, while her older son, King Cairo, who she had with the rapper Tyga, is busy assembling a newly gifted toy on the bed behind us. Also present: two nannies, a lawyer, her hairstylist, makeup artist, manager, and a few miscellaneous friends. And this, as they say, is how the sausage gets made.
As you may have gathered, Chyna knows a thing or two about maintaining a glamorous facade, but she also has an off switch. “It’s so funny because the days I do get dressed up, there’s nobody there to take pictures and the day I’m like, ‘I’m gonna put on a hoodie and run out with some slides and no wig,’ there they are to get me,” she says, referring to the paparazzi photographers who monitor her every move. Even her arrival at the Palomar was documented.

Lately for Chyna, the antidote to a relentlessly public life is time at home. “I try to get things that will keep me more in the house and make me super comfortable like Postmates,” says Chyna, a master of the high-low dichotomy. “I like salmon. I love crab legs. I love top ramen. I love Coca Cola. I love Fiji water.” Here, she shares more of her favorite things, including a super-expensive but totally worth-it moisturizer and why she never takes baths.

Always have a fresh manicure.
When that one nail is broken, it ain’t right. Your makeup and hair can be on point, but when you have a broken nail, it’s just all bad. It can really dictate your whole mood. I’m really big on nails and feet. I have one girl that I go to, her name is Teana. She’s the only person I go to. She uses forms and I’ve been into all the jewels and the glitter and I’m into this coffin shape right now which is really dope. I definitely get sick of the design really fast so I go once a week for sure. My nails grow really fast so I don’t like to see the space.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
It all started when someone said, “You have really nice skin.” And I was like, “Oh you know what? I actually do.” I never realized it until somebody said it to me. I never used to really moisturize my body. I would take a shower, but I wouldn’t really lotion up. I don’t know it wasn’t a thing, but now I have to oil my whole body. So now I’m OD with the oil. My sheets are oily, my robes are oily. Skin is really important. I like to use the Hydration from Lashed and I also like Creme de La Mer. It’s super expensive and ridiculous but really worth it. The original. I need to use more sunscreen, but I haven’t been into it because I’m always in the house. I really don’t go outside a lot. I’m a homebody.

But don’t get facials.
Every time I get some type of facial, I always break out. The last time I tried to get a little facial my face got burnt and it was burnt for a whole month. It was scaly and I was like, “Oh my god. My face is never gonna go back.” It was the craziest thing in my whole life. So it made me appreciate my face a little bit more than normal.

Love your glam squad like family.
There’s one hairstylist and one company. Kellon, he resides in Atlanta and he loves me so much, and he flies from Atlanta to come and do my hair. Even if I call him and I’m like “Kellon, I need ten wigs.” He’s like, “Alright, when do you need it by? What do you need?” and it always gets done, period. He flies back and forth and makes sure I’m good. We use a company called Kendra’s Boutique; [Kendra] is a good friend of mine. The people I have around me, we’re all really close and we worked together for a long time. I think I probably slid into both of their DMs. I had to pay [Kellon] a zillion dollars to get him out there and I’m like, “Once I get him out here, he’s gonna follow me. We’re gonna be best friends.”

Shower, don’t bathe.
I’m more of a shower person. My tub is so deep that I feel like I might slip one day. It’s super deep; I’m not even gonna lie. You have to be careful getting out of there. I’m not a big bath person. I used to be when I was pregnant. I would get all the bath bombs and King was addicted. He would want to go buy more and more, and take mine. But I’m not really into it like that anymore.

Have a secret scent.
Everybody I’ve known—friends or family—they know when I’ve been there or if I’m close. I have a certain scent; it’s a secret. That’s how I bag them.

Make time for yourself.
You gotta make time. I do have help and I do think you should make time for yourself. It’s really important despite anything and everything that’s going on. Me time for me is being with myself, Angela White. Because there’s Blac Chyna time, you have mommy time, and you have Angela time. I feel like you work so hard and you’re tired, so I just want to be in my house and just relax.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Photographer: Jimmie Armentrout; Makeup: Jackie Garcia; Hair: Kellon Deryck.

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